Entering Meets

Due to the number of swimmers we now have competing, and the entry fees involved, it’s really important that you follow the process detailed below.

For swim meet events where a time is required to enter: it’s important to discuss with coaches ahead of time. If a swimmer has no time when the meet entry is submitted, they will not be entered.

Once a swimmer decides they want to compete at swim meets,  there is a club process on how to enter.

Once the club decides to participate in a particular swim meet, meet entry paperwork is prepared and pinned to the club noticeboard during Friday night sessions. Swimmers/swimmers’ carers are responsible for viewing these – the club will not approach you. The paperwork may also be available in the meet folder at other sessions during the week.

For each meet, details are provided about the events at the meet and length of swims. Age and time restrictions may also apply. most of the younger swimmers will begin with Mini Meets, which go up to age 11 or 12.

A swimmer eligibility report will be printed and placed with the even paperwork in a plastic sleeve. You will need to review this to see if a swimmer is eligible to enter. Please note the following:

  • If a swimmer name is not in the report, they are not eligible to enter that meet
  • If a swimmer’s name does appear, but there is no time underneath a particular event, that means that swimmer does not have an official time recorded. In this case, you would speak to the relevant swim coach and if they think the swimmer is ready, you can put the swimmer down for the next club time trials.  If there isn’t time before the meet entry closes, your coach may be able to suggest an alternative for a time trial, but this is at club/coach discretion and may not always be possible.
  • If a swimmer does have a time for an event, it will appear under their name in the eligibility report.

To enter, a swimmer/swimmer’s carer must circle the event(s) they wish to enter, and initial at the end of that row.

Please note this doesn’t guarantee entry, but the swimmer’s name will be put forward. Sometimes swim meets are over-subscribed, and at that stage times will be reviewed to make a decision on who will compete. This is all done by the host club, but Ythan swimmers will be notified in the lead up to the meet for which events they will be swimming.

If you want some help with entering a meet for the first time, please ask one of the committee members to talk you through it.